The 35th Language Testing Research Colloquium
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2013 Conference Venue : KCCI Building
The three-day main conference for the 35th Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC) takes place at the KCCI (Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Building in downtown Seoul from July 3rd through 5th. The venue is about 5 minutes' walk from Seoul Station and City Hall Station. The conference halls are located on the B2 floor of the KCCI Building. The LTRC 2013 Organizing Committee greatly appreciates KCCI for providing its conference halls for this year's conference.
When you want to find the exact location of the KCCI Building on site or on the city map, one of the most helpful landmarks in the area is Namdaemun (빮/ڦ). Namdaemun, which is also called Sungnyemun(ʹ/ڦ), was the South Gate of Seoul's City Wall during the Joseon Dynasty. The gate has long been cherished as National Treasure No. 1 of Republic of Korea, but unfortunately was partially burnt down in 2008. The gate has been undergoing reconstruction and restoration for the past five years, and will soon be ready to re-open for tourists and visitors.
The KCCI Building is located right across the street from Namdaemun, which is easy to find and clearly marked on maps. Seoul Station is another major center that is easy to find on maps, and is within a 10-min walking distance of the conference venue.
*Please note that the venue of main conference (Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry: KCCI) and Namdaemun (Sungryemun / South Gate) are very far from the venue of pre-conference workshop (Language Education Institute, SNU). Thus, workshop attendees are highly recommended to stay at the Hoam Faculty House during the workshop period.

In order to get to the conference venue from various parts of Seoul, there are several possible routes for you to take:
(1) Take Subway Lines No. 1 or No. 4 from anywhere in Seoul and travel to Seoul Station; at Seoul Station,
       take Exit No. 3. Then, walk north for about 10 minutes to the KCCI Building;
(2) Take Subway Lines No. 1 or No. 2 to City Hall Station; at City Hall station, take Exit No. 8. Walk south for
      about 10 minutes to the KCCI building.
Of course, the easiest way to get to the KCCI building is to take a taxi (Tell the driver: Daehansanggonghoiuiso ѻȸǼ ). It will be a bit more expensive, but it is still affordable!
About KCCI (Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
KCCI is the nation's largest private economic organization, encompassing a total of 71 regional chambers and approximately 135,000 members from all parts of the Korean economy. Since its establishment in 1884, KCCI has been contributing significantly to the growth and development of the national economy, and also to the enhancement of Korea's status in the international community.
The mission of KCCI is to promote improvement and development in Korea's commerce and industry, for the sound growth of the national economy. In order to fulfill such a mission, KCCI conducts a wide range of projects that are aimed at providing service to its members.
Among its many projects, one unique business KCCI has been conducting in relation to testing is that it operates the Vocational Qualification Center. The Center administers not only various state-level certifications exams, such as Excel, PowerPoint, E-commerce, and AIS (Accounting Information System), but also some language tests, such as Foreign Language Examination (FLEX) in English, Chinese, and Russian, and (Traditional) Chinese Character Competence Certification.
Most recently, KCCI was a member institution of a Research and Development Consortium formed to develop the National English Ability Test (Level 1) for the past three years.

International Conference Halls at KCCI
All of the conference halls and rooms are located on the B2 floor of the KCCI Building. Below are a few pictures to help you find your way around the building, highlighting important areas on the ground (1st floor) and B2 levels of the Building.
1. First Floor Lobby Area
Once you go through the main entrances of the KCCI Building, you will find yourself in the lobby area. From there, you can take an elevator or escalator to get down to the B2 level, or walk down the stairs leading to the B2 level.
2. B2 Level Lobby Area
Once you get to the B2 level, you will see the lobby area. In the lobby, there is also a space that can be used for exhibits or poster presentations. From there, you will also see the entrances to Grand Hall, Conference Halls A and B, and other seminar rooms located on the floor.
3. Grand Hall (B2 Level)
Below are pictures showing the interior of Grand Hall, which can accommodate up to 400 people. Since we are allowed to use this room only on the first day, the opening ceremony, Samuel Messick Memorial lecture, and Invited Speaker Symposium are scheduled to take place here in this hall.
4. First Floor Lobby Café Area
During conference breaks, refreshments will likely be provided in the lobby area on the B2 level. If you walk back up the stairs to the first floor, you will see the café area adjacent to the lobby area. One nice thing about the café is that they have several quiet rooms for tea time or small group meetings for rental.
5. Map of the B2 Floor
The following is a map of the B2 level, which shows Grand Hall, Conference Halls A and B, and Seminar Rooms 3, 4, and 5. At the moment, we plan to use Grand Hall and Seminar Rooms 3-5 on the first day and Conference Halls A and B along with Seminar Rooms 3-5 on the second and third days. More concrete plans will be posted later.
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