The 35th Language Testing Research Colloquium
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Taeje Seong
Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE)
Sangjoon Jeong
Language Education Institute (LEI), Seoul National University (SNU)
Homin Kang
Vice President
Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI)
Hyo Woong Lee
Oryang Kwon
Founding President
Korea English Language Testing Association (KELTA)
Chung-sook Kim
International Association of Korean Language Education (IAKLE)
Young Shik Lee
Korea English Education Society (KEES)
Jeong-ryeol Kim
Korea Association of Foreign Language Education (KAFLE)
Kilryoung Lee
Applied Linguistics Association of Korea (ALAK)
Note: Here we have listed the names of only the incumbent presidents and directors of the co-hosting,
          sponsoring, and collaborating institutions/organizations. However, we would also like to thank the
          immediate past presidents, directors, and officers who have provided help and advice over the past
          three years.
ILTA's LTRC Advisory Committee
ILTA's LTRC Advisory Committee was created in the summer of 2012 by the ILTA Executive Board (EB) to provide support for the LTRC 2013 Organizing Committee. The Advisory Committee is intended to provide a support structure for the LTRC chair (or co-chairs) on conference programs and budgetary issues, replacing some of the roles that the Conference Program committee had previously played, in accordance with the current ILTA Bylaws.
At the moment, however, the Advisory Committee has an experimental and exploratory status until the related revisions in the ILTA Bylaws are ratified either at the annual business meeting or through the general voting of the ILTA members.
No matter how the Committee evolves over the years to come, the LTRC 2013 Organizing Committee wants to express its appreciation for the support and advice provided by the members of the Advisory Committee as well as ILTA EB members.
Spiros Papageorgiou
Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Representative from LTRC 2012 Committee
Yong-Won Lee
Seoul National University (SNU)
LTRC 2013 Co-chair
John De Jong
Pearson/VU University Amsterdam,
LTRC 2014 Chair
Meg Malone
Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)
ILTA Secretary
Alistair Van Moere
ILTA Treasurer
Robert Ranieri
Prime Management
ILTA Executive Director
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