The 35th Language Testing Research Colloquium
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LTRC (Language Testing Research Colloquium)
Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC) is an annual conference of the International Language Testing Association (ILTA). The first LTRC conference was held in Boston, US, in 1979. Since then, LTRC has provided an international forum for language assessment researchers, scholars, and practitioners from many parts of the world to meet annually and present and discuss their new ideas and research findings.
One noteworthy contribution of LTRC is that it facilitated the creation of ILTA. ILTA got its start at the 1992 LTRC in Vancouver, Canada, when a group of language testers agreed to form an international association of language testers. Charlie Stansfield was the first President, and Charles Alderson the first elected President of ILTA in 1993. Because the regular participants of LTRC and the members of ILTA overlapped to a large extent, ILTA gradually adopted LTRC as its annual conference over the years.
Thirty five years after its first conference, this year’s LTRC is going to be held in Seoul, Korea. This is the first time for the conference to be held in Korea. LTRC has been held in Asia three times before: Tsukuba, Japan in 1999; Hong Kong in 2002; and Hangzhou, China in 2008.
LTRC is the most important conference not only for language testers but also for language testing institutions/organizations, as the list of the co-hosts for the three previous conferences attests. The list includes major players in the field of language assessment, such as TOEFL/ETS (2012), ELI/University of Michigan (2011), and Cambridge ESOL (2010).
LTRC 2014 will be jointly organised by Pearson and VU University Amsterdam.
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